Leaving On A Jetplane

I wish so badly that we’d taken a picture of our trailer driving away. Never had we seen that view of our trailer; with it being driven away by someone else. So I want you to just imagine it driving away from us, standing on a street in Sun City, AZ. We met the new owners on Jan 4th, they paid for it Jan 5th, the shipper drove it away shortly after. THEN we sold the truck that afternoon. I can’t believe it happened all on the same day. I had to check with Jeff, “Did we really do that all on the same day??” Saturday he flew to Ohio for the unexpected death of his dear aunt, Merrily. Tuesday (the 9th) I flew to Denver and back to get my braces off and get my temporary retainers. Jeff happened to fly in at the same time as me, small miracles. Continue reading “Leaving On A Jetplane”

Goodbye Trailer, Hello New Zealand!

We are about to start our World Tour, first stop New Zealand! But first we are selling our trailer!

We have it posted on RV Trader with all the details, you can find that HERE. This is a turn-key tiny home travel trailer. Every single thing you need to live comfortably; no more, no less. We will be selling it out of Phoenix but an interested buyer could have it shipped anywhere in the U.S. We bought it originally from New Jersey! Continue reading “Goodbye Trailer, Hello New Zealand!”