Time Drunk

Time Drunk

Again, it’s been quite a long time since I last posted anything of real depth (unless you count the s#!t about our toilet) . Much of it I can say has had to do with how busy we’ve been. How, you ask, could we be so busy? A valid question, for sure. I’ve asked it myself many times, and answer eludes me.

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Hello Again…It’s Jeff

Sorry all, it’s been busy…really busy! Jumpin’ right into it…

Emily and I had received a psychic reading many, many years ago now which in part indicated to us that we would find our true selves and elevate our relationship to a new level in California. Now, looking back just a few weeks when I realized we would be in California already, I had a real sense of shock and anxiety around it. Continue reading “Hello Again…It’s Jeff”

Identity Crisis? – A Personal Reflection On Emily’s Prior Post, “Messy”


Hmmm, yes, welcome to our new world. A world of faith. Not the typical world of comfort and fear. Somehow that world seems or seemed easier. One in which you don’t have to think as much. You don’t have to self-motivate. Clear cut rules are dealt out like a poker hand every day, and we play them in the best way we can. But we’re not the dealer, and we lack the power of the dealer to control the hand. When we agree to become the dealer, the rules change. Suddenly we have responsibilities we didn’t previously have including absolute responsibility as to how and what we do, as well as the direct effect on those within our personal space, within earshot, and within eyeshot, be it directly or indirectly. We are now causal beings, and no longer affected beings. Continue reading “Identity Crisis? – A Personal Reflection On Emily’s Prior Post, “Messy””

Last Five Weeks In Photos

I really have quite a lot to say about the amazing little more than a month’s time since Buckeye Hills, but I’m instead keeping it brief and letting you all figure it out. It seems like at least double that amount of time has passed. I’m not sure if it’s because of our new pace or how many places we’ve been. Either way, it was really great! Continue reading “Last Five Weeks In Photos”

“Following Discomfort” – Divin’ A Bit Deeper

I mentioned in my last post something about discomfort, and decided to write about this one today. Does anyone use discomfort as a north arrow on their personal compass? It seems like it may be a viable option. If all we ever do is continually seek out what is comfortable, do we ever grow? Last week I got hung up for a moment over something most folks wouldn’t think twice about. I had driven 7 miles into a small town near our campsite to retrieve a package at the post office. Since we move every two weeks, a “home address” is not a possibility. Instead we have a mail delivery/opening service to which we have all our standard mail sent. Like everyone else these days, we also order things on-line and we need to ship them somewhere. The US Post Office will accept deliveries as “General Delivery-Hold For Customer Pick Up”, but evidently only when they are the primary shipper. Sounds very typical of a typical government protocol, right? Rules are rules. Customer comes first, but only if the rules are followed to the exact, meaningless level of detail. Further, if the USPS was cutting edge, we wouldn’t be propping them up like we are now, awaiting the hammer to drop. The day will likely come when FedEx, UPS, and all the other private carriers own it all. Continue reading ““Following Discomfort” – Divin’ A Bit Deeper”

Boondocking, The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Continued…Part 2: The Bad:

The title of this post is long enough (just like the post itself), but I would like to add to it: “…But Not Really That Bad, And Trending Toward The Good Nearly Every Day”.

1)      Noise: So far in our boondocking experience we’ve had reasonable peace and quiet. First, at Buckeye Hills, understand we chose that location specifically because it was close to Phoenix, and therefore one would expect some noise. With that said, I’d be happy to say we scored in that location! There were three sources of regular noise and one rare case I experienced prior to Emily’s arrival. The three regular sources consisted of 1) fighter jets and other planes flying over the area at fairly consistent intervals. It wasn’t like we were in the flight path of LAX or anything, just the training grounds (or sky) for the nearby Air Force Base and a local airport with a couple of planes and a helicopter that I’m guessing were flying lessons. Big deal. 2) There was a typical Arizona fixture located at Buckeye Hills, a shooting range. In this case, again I didn’t feel like the noise was considerably excessive, especially when I hiked up part of a mountain nearby and looked down on the shooting range, or ranges, as I also found the local sheriff’s office had two of their own there as well. All three of them were quite large, in fact the public one had some 40 positions from which to shoot. When I saw that, I was happy with the little bit of noise coming from there. Last, 3) a fairly generous quantity of tractor trailer traffic running up and down Hwy 85, which was probably about 1-2 miles away. It was most noticeable in the morning, which is part of the reason for going behind some hills to meditate. It helped some. Emily and I later found what looked to be a Wal-Mart distribution center on Hwy 85, and it made sense for it to be located there because this thoroughfare connects two major freeways, I-10 and I-8 with a short uncongested connector. Oh, the one noise for which I was thankful ended early or that somehow wasn’t enough to affect my sleep was a rave that someone was having in the middle of the week somewhere at a campsite. The sound of the bass was cutting right through the thin walls of the trailer and polluting the somber quiet! Oh well, if I wasn’t an old curmudgeon I might have followed the sound and got my groove on! Seriously, beyond that, noise has not been a factor while boondocking. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever been anywhere so devoid of sound as where we last parked (Las Cienegas National Recreation Area. If it wasn’t for the wind, I think I could almost say I now know what total silence is! For example, the sounds of a bird’s wings are something I never even thought to listen for, but something we heard daily. Oh, I almost forgot about the sounds of Emily’s loud chewing while wearing her noise canceling headphones. I guess when you have those things on you think even your sounds are canceled out, right?! 😊 Continue reading “Boondocking, The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Continued…Part 2: The Bad:”

“Boondocking”: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly…Part 1: The Good

Well, I’m finally back from the depths for another long post. In truth, we’ve had such an amazing couple of weeks just west of Tucson next to Saguaro National Park, that posting has been kind of far from my mind. Sorry if in some cases I speak in past tense, and in others the present. In starting off with the “Good” of our very first boondocking, experience, I hope to have captured most of it below. In case you aren’t familiar with the term “boondocking”, no worries, I had no thought of it other than growing up “in the boondocks” and the name of one of my (earlier) favorite films called “The Boondock Saints”. Ok, it’s probably still high on my list! Continue reading ““Boondocking”: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly…Part 1: The Good”



Have you ever gotten to a sweet spot in your life and wonder how you got there, when only a week ago it felt like you were swimming in an ocean of chaos? Before, every movement sapped you of strength, every thought sent you on a downward spiral, all your dreams felt askew with nightmarish imposters, and, at least for me, irritability and anger had become a large snowball rolling downhill, growing, and increasing in momentum? Today was what I would say is my first “Saturday” since I’m not sure when, and I’d rather say Emily’s and my first Saturday maybe ever together. Continue reading “Saturday”

Some Comments On Purging

I was just going to respond to Emily’s earlier post, but again there was so much…so here they are:

It was difficult, but it became rhythmic. We started letting go of things early enough that it wasn’t an urgent and stressful matter. In fact, I’m not sure how it could have been easier. Earlier I read a post by a single guy who went on his own little departure from the “American Dream”, and he said it very aptly…”My house was a revolving door of Craigslist buyers”. Early on it didn’t go as smoothly, as understanding the best way to manage the potential buyers would come only through experience. Emily may have held to the recommendation of another blogger to say “phone calls only”. I stuck to phone calls and texts, more because I didn’t want to count on being able to answer the phone and have it inconvenience me while I was working. Another thing I learned was never to hold anything for anyone, to sell to whomever gets to it first. And that’s one of another couple boundaries I set: “No meet ups or deliveries, pick up’s only”, and “Price is Firm”. I held onto a compressor for nearly a week at which point I had to take down the ad because I had so many calls for it, evidently as posting it too low will do. I had other similar matters later, but after maybe three, I finally got the hint. Oh, and when posting as “Free Stuff”, it’s best to say where you’re leaving it (like in the back alley) and check on it every hour or two to take the ad down once a vulture has descended. Continue reading “Some Comments On Purging”