Transition Time Again – Time To Talk Ego


Here we are with only six weeks to blast off, and that feeling is hauntingly familiar. Gee, why would that be? It was just a year ago when we were getting ready to blast off into the life in which we currently occupy. That was huge, and so’s this latest effort. This is a considerably massive undertaking, but it isn’t. We make it so, as we make everything something in our mind’s eye. I’m once again finding, though now with a much clearer understanding, an identity crisis. Really, it’s an ego crisis. I’m fairly sure it’s not the ego that most of us talk about on a superficial level. It’s deeper than that.

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Time Drunk

Time Drunk

Again, it’s been quite a long time since I last posted anything of real depth (unless you count the s#!t about our toilet) . Much of it I can say has had to do with how busy we’ve been. How, you ask, could we be so busy? A valid question, for sure. I’ve asked it myself many times, and answer eludes me.

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Hello Again…It’s Jeff

Sorry all, it’s been busy…really busy! Jumpin’ right into it…

Emily and I had received a psychic reading many, many years ago now which in part indicated to us that we would find our true selves and elevate our relationship to a new level in California. Now, looking back just a few weeks when I realized we would be in California already, I had a real sense of shock and anxiety around it. Continue reading “Hello Again…It’s Jeff”

Identity Crisis? – A Personal Reflection On Emily’s Prior Post, “Messy”


Hmmm, yes, welcome to our new world. A world of faith. Not the typical world of comfort and fear. Somehow that world seems or seemed easier. One in which you don’t have to think as much. You don’t have to self-motivate. Clear cut rules are dealt out like a poker hand every day, and we play them in the best way we can. But we’re not the dealer, and we lack the power of the dealer to control the hand. When we agree to become the dealer, the rules change. Suddenly we have responsibilities we didn’t previously have including absolute responsibility as to how and what we do, as well as the direct effect on those within our personal space, within earshot, and within eyeshot, be it directly or indirectly. We are now causal beings, and no longer affected beings. Continue reading “Identity Crisis? – A Personal Reflection On Emily’s Prior Post, “Messy””