Sources of Inspiration

This idea came to me a last week. And I wanted to share with you.

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Paramahansa Yogananda

Jeff and I stumbled across the documentary on Netflix called:

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This was fall 2015. We were both just stunned. And knew that we had found a teacher. The word Love is thrown around so much; it can cause one to roll their eyes when hearing it or just not react at all. Until, you see someone stand before you with the real thing and go, ‘Oooohhhh, this is what they’re talking about’. I’ve just so rarely see it in real life that I almost start to think of it as an abstract concept. Yogananda is the Real Deal, a messenger of God. And he created a home study course for meditation so that you can contact God too. You can find everything you need here: He is the author of Autobiography of a Yogi, which you can get here. The documentary streams on Netflix and you can rent it on Amazon too.

Conversations with God Book Series

These are the books that are the most important to my life up til this point. There is no other book that has so completely described how I see the world and God. It gave me words to things that I didn’t even know I believed until I heard it. And validated things that I just knew had to be true. This an series of 3 books with brand new one just added this year I think (?) called Conversation with God: Awaken the Species. The books are written by Neale Donald Walsh. I listen to them all on audio and recommend that because the voices of the “male” and “female” god are read by two different actors and it truly is a conversation between God and Neale. You can find the books HERE.

I’ve listened to many of them more than once, definitely the first one. And I understand more each time I listen. The first time I heard how the world came out of nothingness into somethingness it blew up my brain and I had to skate on by. The next time, I got it!



Clearly, he is so cute you could just bite your own tongue off. But that’s not where he inspired me. Jack is my brother Aaron’s firstborn. Jack showed me that he was, of course, his own person, even at 1. Enough that he needed to take his time to get to know me. Because of course he did! He didn’t know me! And with time, I earned trust. Isn’t that how it should be? I myself, knew in theory that a baby deserves to be respected and have his needs met but in practice…to not shove myself into his world and take from him. Wow. Thank you Jack-Jack. You helped me to calm down and see that this is the normal way of things. This is the time and space all people deserve.

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The Great British Baking Show

OH MY GOD the Baking Show!! Mary Barry and Paul Hollywood (yes that’s his real name, I researched it)! The host, the judges (Mel & Sue), the contestants have become like family members to Jeff and I. Why would I watch a baking show??, you may ask. I asked myself the same question, ‘I don’t care about baking, what’s the big deal?’ They have something special with this show and no, it is not because they hook you in and you hate yourself for watching it. It is truly just them documenting really great, British people in a baking competition. That’s it. With lots of puns. There is no created drama and it is so refreshing! And I’m learning about baking and it inspires me!

There are 3 seasons streaming on Netflix. I believe its a BBC thing that airs on PBS. Just do yourself a favor and watch something wholesome good.

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East Forest: 10 Laws

I am not entirely sure of all the reasons why this song speaks to me. But it does. On some deep level. There’s a sample of a well-known wilderness man from Santa Barbara. And it repeats through the song. I just love it. “10 Fingers, 10 Laws to Live By”, see if you can make out what those are as you listen to the song (the first one is: Always see the dangers first). Listen to it HERE.

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Picture taken from their website:

The Wynns!

Jason and Nikki Wynn; I love them!! I devoured there website when I first started doing research into this new way of life. They have created a life and work out of living their dream! They are professional videographers, photographers, writers and make amazing content for all of us. I think they are brave and bright and bubbly-shiny. And they have cats! When I found them they were still doing the RV life, but as you can see they have moved on to their next dream of living on a sailboat. With their cats! They are truly an inspiration to me. This was the video when I fell in love with the Wynns: here.

Here’s their website. Here’s their youtube channel. They have freely given so much that I have taken.

Wheeling It

Wheeling It is a blog/website created by Nina and her husband Paul. They have been on the road RV’in for about 8 years. They were the very first website that I found with their article, 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Full-Time RV’ing (click HERE for that article). I found Nina to be very like-minded to me and I really like how she wrote. And she is an excellent photographer and features her work on all her posts. And they have cats! (And a dog)

Nina dedicates so much time to bringing information to the world in a thoughtful and organized fashion. We have been able to avoid many pitfalls as a result of that huge body of work called their blog. They are also on this list because, of course, she inspires me. In the early days of gathering research, she and a few others were like a lifeline. It was so cool the first time we went somewhere that Nina went! It was like stepping into a favorite movie or book. ‘So I can just go to these places?? Just drive here and then stay? Like how I read on a website?’ The answer is yes. These few websites I follow have expanded my world significantly and continue to make our Places To Go List really, really long!

Here’s their website: Wheeling It


I’ve put off writing about Joshua, because I though it’d be hard to describe.  Or something. He was like an angel, I’m not convinced he’s not. So I could say: He was an angel that came into our lives. Right after, I mean right, after a very dark period for Jeff and I. I knew we’d be meeting and spending time together but the timing, when it was right in front of us, my instinct was, “Not now”. But Jeff had and instinct about it. That the timing was just right. I had seen a picture of him and I was definitely drawn to him, like ‘Hmmm, I would like to know this guy’.

Jeff met Joshua 5 years ago, in the very place where we met up (Twentynine Palms), at a 10-day Vippassana retreat. He’s German and a bit of a traveller. When Jeff drove up with him on a Monday evening, we had a big hug and I felt different. Like, ‘Wow, who is this? This is someone different’. I believe Joshua is one of few people living on the earth that is here to spread love. I believe he somewhere in this life, or came into this life, with his heart open. And to be a man and have that, I can think of only one other man I’ve met with an open heart and he went through hell to achieve that in this life.

I don’t think I knew the full effect of Joshua’s presence on Jeff and me until he was driving away and I was crying. This does not happen! This does not happen when I first meet someone! It wasn’t so much from grief as much from realizing that just his presence brought our hearts open. And maybe a little sadness at that my heart was not open. It put us into a peaceful place. And this was not some big effort from Joshua. It’s just who he is. And he struggles. His life has not been easy. But he is an insatiable seeker, I think. And I understood him immediately, which was not a given because English is not his first language. But Jesus, he is quite fluent. He has so many of the details of this language!

Even now, as I write this, I think: ‘Was that real?’ It was quite an otherworldly experience being around him and I am very grateful for that.


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  1. I just read this post to Finn, he was smiling and cooing the whole time. He especially liked the part about Jack


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