Last Five Weeks In Photos

I really have quite a lot to say about the amazing little more than a month’s time since Buckeye Hills, but I’m instead keeping it brief and letting you all figure it out. It seems like at least double that amount of time has passed. I’m not sure if it’s because of our new pace or how many places we’ve been. Either way, it was really great!

We fell in love with Gilbert Ray Campground, Tucson Mountain Park, and found our long lost friends in the huge and personable saguaro cactuses (we don’t like to say cacti!) in Saguaro National Park West. Kitty also fell in love with this place. She couldn’t get enough of the outdoors at Gilbert Ray!

We had a relaxing birthday celebration for Emily.

It got really hot, so we stayed at an RV park mostly inside for a week just south of Tucson Mountain Park. It was just close enough I could still connect to the trails right from from the RV park. Got some nice shots while hiking and biking.

Went to The Desert Museum and we loved the beauty and incredible diversity!

Emily made some little piglet statue friends (aka javelinas).

I biked a bit more.

We finally moved south to Las Cienegas National Conservation Area where we found much milder temperatures (much higher elevation)…downright cold at night! We felt like we had this place all to ourselves. At the end of the dirt road camping area, with two to three campers within 1/4 mile of us. Peace and insanely quiet bliss! Felt like we were on the African Savannah.

Kitty slept most of the time, as usual!

I biked some more….

And hiked some more.
Emily hugged and climbed some trees.

I looked up at one or two and kinda climbed one.

We moved another 45 minutes south in search of Trump’s Great Wall, now really close to Mexico about 10 miles south of Patagonia, Arizona.

We made lots of animal friends at this spot including birds, cows, deer, and a mouse, who temporarily moved in with us. We visited the town of Patagonia, which is a blossoming artist town.

We went to Patagonia Lake State Park twice, once to walk around then another time to troll around the lake in a rental fishing boat.

We then had a relaxing drive back to a Phoenix where we now sit for one more day in smog filled suburbia. We do like Phoenix, though, really. The drive here was mostly pleasurable…our trailer had a rough ride for more than a few miles, but who knew? Not me!

Much love,

J, E, and 🐱

5 thoughts on “Last Five Weeks In Photos

    1. We are ‘new and improved’! Kitty has always had it made. Now she has better scenery and a bigger yard…most days. πŸ˜‹


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