Why Jump? Reason #1

So, I’m going to start with what’s motivating me for this adventure. Today: #1 Adventure (well, duh): I can say from experience that the best times of my life have been when unprepared (and sometimes prepared), I embark on a random adventure. I depart from the “real world” and dip my toes into something fake (?), as it must be if it isn’t “real”, right? As Emily has said and I agree, the real world is feeling really heavy at the moment. And, when I say heavy, I don’t mean heavy like Marty used in Back To The Future, I many heavy like a dead weight. This dead weight feels oppressive, like the whole body is swollen with mercury instead of water, or as if I am walking underwater all day instead of moving freely. Life seems as if everything has become a great effort and joy is nothing more than minutes a day during the week or a deep dive for half of the weekend. This is NOT acceptable for human happiness. Yes, there is something more out there. On my mostly solo hiatuses from “reality”, I’ve experienced almost unending joy, even (and sometimes entirely) in the challenges I’ve faced. Through them, I’ve sensed a glimpse of what I am capable of and have therefore grown exponentially as a person after having faced and overcame them. I love and live for the Open Road!


3 thoughts on “Why Jump? Reason #1

  1. “It cannot be described, quite, as an answer to any specific call. Rather, it is a deliberate, terrific refusal to respond to anything but the deepest, highest, richest answer to the as yet unknown demand of some waiting void within: a kind of total strike, or rejection of the offered terms of life, as a result of which some power of transformation carries the problem to a plane of new magnitudes, where it is suddenly and finally resolved.”- Joseph Campbell on the call to adventure

    Cheers! Loving the blog! Anna


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