So maybe not 2 years…

There’s this thing about me, I like things to happen right now. When I get clear on goals, dreams and desires, they tend to move towards me quickly. I can feel them gain momentum, like, off in the distance. Like a storm. And it starts rolling towards me.

Jeff and I were at Heather and Jamison’s wedding this weekend, in Long Island, NY. We started telling people about our adventure. Which makes it real, people. It gets firmer and firmer each time we tell it. And it felt like it was coming sooner than we planned. A combination of the timeline quickening on its own and our own desire to not have to wait that long. Travel seems to be a time of spiritual growth for Jeff and I. I’m not sure if its being away from home or being in places that feel more like home to us that do it. We had a similar experience in Orange County a few weeks ago. Each time (in NY and in CA) we came home it was, ‘ugh, not this place again’, and also just confirmation that we are wanting OUT. Some of it is the desire to move on from Denver but for me, I’d say its mostly that I’m done with the old way of life.

If you can imagine, its very hard not to insanely plan, manage, and orchestrate this whole thing. Dr. Hemerson (one of our energy doctors) divined that the “plan would be crystallizing over the next four months, you’ll have a blueprint by then” and “don’t worry about how right now”. Planning is also just fun for me. But I can very easily go over the edge with it. I’ve kept it moderated so far, finding a couple websites that I think could be very helpful (,, & Will it be housesitting? A trailer and a truck? Or some thing I haven’t or won’t ever think of?? One thing it won’t be is a tent. I will be comfortable and I will not live poor. Or be poor.

So to summarize: This thing might come hurtling towards us sooner than 2 years. Maybe in a year!!

~ Emily


3 thoughts on “So maybe not 2 years…

  1. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! You are the bravest piglet I have ever known and I never knew what it felt like to be “proud” to have someone in my life until you and then Jamison. I can’t wait for the next entry!!!!!


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